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    • Rigaku DECTRIS PILATUS 3R 200K-A hybrid pixel array detector and BioSAXS-2000 with 2D Kratky collimation installed.

    • The Rigaku safety presentation should be viewed by all users of the X-ray facility. It is viewable with OpenOffice, and a few changes have been made to make the material more germane to our lab work.

    • There is now an externally accessible queue link.

    • Our software page has been update with ssh and file transfer examples.

    • Job submission tutorial for r2d2, the star wars cluster.
    • More than 3/4 terabyte has been added to the data repository, so that synchrotron data can be archived and backed up.

    • Our Software List has been updated and upgraded.

    • The X-ray lab is located at:

      Room 623, Wood Basic Science Building
      Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
      725 N. Wolfe St.
      Baltimore, MD 21205

      Last revised: Wednesday, 11-Aug-2021 10:26:18 EDT
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